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Drinking From the Fire Hose at WD

So my first week at WD is in the can, and boy, what a ride it has been! When you join a company with 62,000 employees (nay, now 100,000 with the HGST acquisition) there is an incredible amount to learn in the way of processes, acronyms, policies, metrics, yada, yada, yada. I gotta tell you, my eyes were swimming! It’s very difficult to feel like you can make a positive impact when you don’t even know what the column heading on the spreadsheet means - let alone the data itself!

I have to say I entered into this new social contract with the hard drive behemoth with some trepidation about losing my identity to the Borg. But MAN, was I wrong. This place is off the hook! So many good people, all focused on doing the right thing. It is truly amazing. You should see the stuff these people are working on for the future of the connected home. It’s crazy good.

I can’t wait to share it with you….

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